Entry #1Edit

Darn that Asmodeus. This should teach me to make deals with the devil! HE PUT ME IN A FREAKIN' ELF!!! Not just that, an imprisoned elf that seems to never have seen the outdoors. This meatsuit is rather frail- I shall have to be careful with it. Oh, for the best part-- I'm an imprisoned elf, shackled to useless humans-now for the best part- ANOTHER FREAKING ELF!!! someone help me! I've made a terrible decision

We managed to get out of that forsaken prison(note to self-pun not intended)can anyone help me! I'm trapped inside this madman! The human claiming to be a cleric doesnt seem like a very well trained one. He doesnt even know how to heal, for crying out loud! Even worse than that, the elf (not sure what gender-perhaps a hermaphrodite? Can never tell with those elvenkind) is a stinking witch!