loot ship, sam steals corpses and hides

scuttle ship

head to town

spend time getting information

pot of stew lady

captain varying and his rangers


tacitus doing strange things in tower

more on captain mott affair

dwarf engineers


tristan walking around as Balin

inn keeper and secret passage

putrefy food in fort stores

various plans to gain entrance to fort from balun witch hunter and retinue to being sent here as a new post.

bard troupe coming for play.

plan to turn lovers quarrel bloody

shadow ranger patrol

lure dwarves

track rangers. ambush. silence slumber arrow. throats slit. captain awake tristan challenges. hold person sneak attack snowball mace bash. captain surrenders time on told to kill. snowball finish. loot corpses.

gave notes to wife, captains mott and zach. made sure wife left, zach came to ambush, toribio played the part of the wife until loraan managed to put him to sleep, at which point toribio finished him off. after hiding his body, set up for mott, who was similarly dispatched while tristam pretended to be zach. tristam then made a racket while toribio and loraan jumped out the window (into a tiny bucket). tristam and toribio then confused the investigation before all headed up to keep. in keep, made way to the tower, eventually (after having poo flung) lockpicked in to confront mad martin, who was then slumbered, slaughtered and defenstrated, followed by a mass killing of all the pigeons. guards came, and then went to get captain. loraan and timeon left while toribio finished the slaughter and jammed the lock. tristam explored a bit and was threatened by a statue before being conscripted to bust down the door. after many attempts, they break in only for toribio to go invisible and vault over their heads, finding only dead birds, and two crazy notes. while leaving, tristam gave putrefied wine to guards, killing one and poisoning several others.